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We are an ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle School and abide by the high international standards for stand up paddle operations.

Thursady Night Race Nights.

We are excited to be about to run our first series of Thursday night handicaped races. This will be run over an 8 week period, with your best 5 finishes counting for overall result. The first race in the series will be where the handicaps are descided, and this will take place on Thursday 22nd April at 6.30 pm.

There will be a small cost for the series to cover insurance and a small prize for the winner. This will be 35 euro.

A limited number of boards are available should you need to hire one!l

These will take place from Sandycove Beach, and will operated as follows.

Each paddler has a start time (Handicap) based on their fastest time (PB) over the perscibed course. The handicapping system means that all paddlers have a chance of winning as the results are based on your improvement in performance.

Points are awarded based on your position in the race and performance compared to your PB.

The first place paddler is awarded maximum points based on the number of participants, second place is awarded one less point, third place less two, and so on, the last paddler is awarded one point.

A bonus of five points is added if a paddler beats their PB time.

After your first race you will be given a handicap time, this will establish your start time for the next race, if you beat this time the new time will become the basis for your handicap.

Most paddlers will need a couple of races to familiarise themselves with the route, points are awarded for the second and subsequent races but paddlers do not qualify for bonus points until they have completed two races.

Race registration opens at 6.30 PM and closes at 7.00 PM prompt, no entries will be accepted after 7 pm. The race starts at 7.15 pm. All results are usually available 15 minutes after the race finishes.

The race distance will be a middle distance event. Future events will offer a greater variety of events!

The Handicap provides a good opportunity for all standards of paddler to measure their performance and take part in an enjoyable race.