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We are an ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle School and abide by the high international standards for stand up paddle operations.

Spring Race Series 2011.

Mark it in your diary guys, the first race series of the season is starting soon.

This will be a 3 week series to get us warmed up. Starting Tuesday 10th may for 3 Tuesdays. Sandycove Beach Co Dublin will be our starting point for all races. This will be a fun event designed to suit all abilities! Come down, work out & meet some new friends!

RACE 1: Tuesday 10th May. Long Distance (approx 1 hr paddle time). Race registration 6 pm for a 6.30 start.

RACE 2: Tuesday 17th May. Middle Distance (approx 30-40 min paddle time). Race registration 6.30 for a 7pm start.

RACE 3: Tuesday 24th May. Short Distance (approx 15 min paddle time). Race registration 7 for a 7.30pm start.

Points will be earned for all people taking part, and the series winner announced after the 3 events. People are welcome to come take part in an event of their choice or all 3!

Race entry is 35 euro for the series, or 15 euro per event. Equipment hire can be arranged for 35 for the series or again 15 per event. Competitors taking part in all 3 events will receive a souvenir tee shirt. There will be a prize presented on the last night to the overall series winner.

Race Rules 2011.

SUP 12.6 CLASS: • Length - 12’6” ft maximum ( 381.0 cm ) • Board Weight - No Weight Restriction. • Fins shall be fixed in place. • Board Design is Open, except Twin Hulls (catamaran) are not allowed. • Rudder(s) are not allowed. • Foil(s) are not allowed.

SUP General Racing Rules: 1. A paddle shall be a single blade design, with one blade on one end and a handle on the other end. The length of a paddle may be adjustable. Only a single paddle may be used while racing. A replacement paddle may be securely fixed to the board. 2. A competitor must be standing while paddling on the course side of the start line until crossing over the finish line, except a competitor is allowed to sit, lay or kneel to rest during a race. Once a competitor takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying or kneeling during the race, that competitor is no longer a competitor in the race and shall receive a DNF. The exception to the Standing Only rule is for any safety reasons where a competitor needs to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. 3. A competitor shall only use the paddle, waves and wind to propel the board forward during the race. No outside assistance from boat wakes, sails, clothing designed to catch wind, or any other speed device not considered the norm to SUP racing is allowed. Definitions: Fin: Fins may be of any length, width or shape, provided the Fin design does not promote the upward lift characteristics of a Foil and is not angled greater than 30 degrees from perpendicular to the bottom of the board (90 degrees). Fins are fixed to the bottom of the board, do not pivot and do not have controls for steering. Foil: Foils are defined as any Fin that is angled greater than 30 degrees from perpendicular to the bottom of the board (90 degrees), or any Fin with appendages, or any Fin designed to promote an upward lift. Foils may be of any design and shall only be allowed on Open Class boards. Rudder: Rudders are defined as any Fin or Foil that pivots in order to steer the board. The paddler will usually have a device on the deck that controls the angle of the Rudder in order to steer the board. Twin Hulls: Twin Hulls (catamarans) are defined as two separate hulls attached together in any manner, or any board with a concave bottom greater than two inches (2” or 5 cm) deep measured at any cross section on the bottom of the board. Length: The board length is measured from nose to tail at ninety (90) degree angles from the boards natural flat laying position with the deck facing up.